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The Norwegians rely on fish, both freshwater and saltwater, for much of their food supply. Prepared in numerous ways, it is always fresh and well cooked, their fish specialties are delicious. Kokt laks (boiled salmon to us), is a highly rated delicacy in the summer months. Orret (Mountain Trout) and Kreps (crayfish) are also very popular served delicacies, they are usually broiled and server with fresh lemon.

Norway's national appetizer is brine-cured herring with raw onions. Another guaranteed treat is boiled cod, which is always served with boiled potatoes. Faar-i-kaal is their national dish, it consists of a heavily peppered cabbage-and-mutton stew, served with boiled potatoes. Another favourite is Lapskus (hash browns), they are prepared and served with whatever is left over in the kitchen.

Although the Norwegians serve boiled potatoes with almost everything, fresh vegetables and crisp garden salads are a regular feature of the Norwegian diet as well.

The Norwegians, have inherited their pastry and bread eating habits from their neighbors the Danish. They also consume the same types of breads, smorbrod, flatbrod and wienerbrod (Danish Pastry). Most working Norwegians will often not come home in their lunch hours, which results in them taking only a lunchbox containing a open-faced sandwich or a piece of smorbrod with them. The people of Norway like having a dinner, where every member of the family gathers around the table and share their happenings of the day.

Like the Danes, the Norwegians are essentially beer drinkers. They often drink Pils, a light lager that is fairly low in alcohol. Some stronger Norwegian beers are Export, Brigg and Zero, they are available at higher prices. Akevitt (also written as aquavit or schnapps), another national drink, is made from either potatoes or caraway seeds, it is very potent. Norway has very strict laws regarding the sale of alcohol, no alcohol will be sold to person under the age of 20.

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