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The Norwegian culture has by and large been affected and molded by the geography and history of the country. For many years the majority of the people were farmers and thus a strong farming culture has been passed down over the years. The property laws relating to farm land have also been extended to the cities and are still employed in Norway today. Most Norwegians live more or less according to the 'Jante Law' that insists on everybody striving to remain equal. This sort of egalitarianism tends to have both negative and positive effects on the population.

Norway has seen the likes of many great composers, writers and artists in year's gone bye and will likely see many more in the years to come. Most notably Ludvig Holberg, Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Munch and Evard Grieg have all left a talented mark on the pages or canvases of history. Several novelists or playwrights have won the Nobel Prize for their works in the 20th century. Norwegian history has also seen some intrepid explorers make their way to new continents and reach greater heights.

In more recent years, the Norwegians have taken to film and discovered a new canvas on which to show their culture. They have also branched out into various different areas musically, with Norwegian black metal becoming quite popular in many countries other than Norway. On the 17th of May, the people of Norway don their traditional bunad and participate in a parade in celebration of Constitution Day. There is a notable amount of children who also participate in this event.

Due to the abundance of pristine surroundings and the original farming culture of the country, the people of Norway are also very physically active. When they have to opportunity and the weather is good, the flock to rivers and beaches to enjoy the sun and the calm waters. In Winter months they spend their time skiing and in the time in between, hiking is a popular past time. Certainly the natural environment encourages all forms of outdoor sports.

Norway also has several strong culinary traditions. Since the establishment of the country, Norway has made use of their natural resources for food. This mainly comes in the form of fish and farmed goods. Sea foods such as salmon, herring, codfish and trout are complimented by cheese, dairy products and bread. Much of the food taken from the ocean is cured or marinated for a more accentuated taste.


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