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Relax in the natural surroundings of Flam

Situated on the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord tributary, you will find the beautiful little place known as Flåm. The name 'Flåm' is descriptive and means 'little place between steep mountains - a more appropriate name could not have been chosen! Much of the Flåm tourist community that exists today started life near the end of the 1800's when a need was seen to provide the numerous English and German travelers who came here with a few basic tourist facilities. By then Flåm already had a reputation for spectacular fjords, breathtaking mountains and dazzling waterfalls and it was some of the tourists to these parts who decided to stick around and set up shop. Initially this meant providing two-wheeled buggies to tourists so that they could be transported around the countryside and better enjoy the scenery but it has grown somewhat since then. It wasn't long before the Bergensbanen railway was opened and Flåm became a crossroad for passengers, mail and freight between Oslo and Bergen.

While Flåm may not be quite as untouched as it was when European visitors first discovered it, it still makes for the perfect place to get away from it all. Flåm offers both adults and children the opportunity to get out into nature and enjoy its many wonders. It is also a great way for foreigners to experience the local culture. Fishing, cycling and hiking are popular activities but for the less adventuresome, there are 27 buildings which date back to the 1600's just waiting to be discovered. The Klyngetun farmyard is also a great place for young and old å a cultural treasure and a living museum all rolled into one. Another popular attraction is the old Navy road from Haugastøl and Finse to Flåm which sees thousands of cyclists every summer and autumn.

Camping, fishing, first-class dining and exquisitely fresh food are all part of the Flåm experience. Fjord safaris, back-country camping, ice fishing and mind-bending, stomach-clenching ride on the Flåm railway are just a few other delights you can expect to enjoy here. And then there is the unbeatable scenery that just seems to go on and on... who could want more from a destination? Make Flåm your next destination choice.


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