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When most people envision a place called 'Hell' they tend to think up images of fire and brimstone yet that picture is a far cry from what you will find in Hell, Norway. The village of Hell in Stjørdal is relatively small with a population of only 352. Normally a village of this size would go largely unnoticed by the rest of the world but this town's name has earned it a reputation and also helps it to receive quite a bit of tourist traffic each year.

Of course, the name 'Hell' is Norse and it does not have quite the same meaning for Norwegians as it does for most English-speaking people. In fact, the name stems from 'hellir' which is Old Norse for a cliff or cave overhang. The word may also be translated as 'luck', showing just how far removed the name is from its English counterpart. While the Norwegian word for 'hell' (helvete) has been used as a city name in another part of the country it is generally considered good manners not to utter the word at all as some consider it to be a curse word.

Today Hell is a minor tourist attraction with visitors taking the train there to get photographed in front of the station. Here you will find a sign that reads 'Hell, Gods expedition'. While most English-speaking foreigners find this highly amusing, the sign simply means 'Hell, Cargo Office' and is not in anyway meant to be offensive. However, when one combines the sign with the often snow-covered ground one might write home to speak of the time when "Hell froze over".

For the majority of the year, the peculiar signs are all there is to see at Hell, but every year, around June, you will find the train much fuller as people disembark here to enjoy the Hell Blues Festival. If you are planning to be near Hell at about this time we highly suggest you take in a few of the Festival shows as the event is much acclaimed and enjoys musical acts from all over the world.

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