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The Scandinavian city of Oslo is a somewhat unique city. Even though it has been Norway's capital for quite some time, the city only really started to blossom in the 1990's. Today it is an incredibly interesting city with a ream of historical and cultural sights, as well as amazing outdoor spaces and exquisite natural beauty.

Oslo was founded at the northern end of the Oslofjord by the Viking king Harald Hardrade in 1048. After burning down several times and eventually being destroyed by fire, it was rebuilt by King Christian IV who had it moved closer to the Akershus Castle. The new town was temporarily named Christiana after the King but it reverted back to Oslo in 1924.

Oslo is one of the most heavily forested cities in Europe. It has many parks and open areas and is surrounding by incredible landscapes. Every year you will find the residents of this city taking full advantage of their natural landscape by participating in outdoor activities such as skiing, picnicking, hiking and sunbathing or participating in some sort of water sport. They do not get a very long summer and they make the best of it when it comes around. The rest of the time is usually spend at restaurants, cafés, nightclubs and shopping complexes - all of which continue to spring up around the city.

If you were to visit Oslo, you will likely be surprised by the abundance of sights and activities available to you. You could easily fill at least 3 or 4 very busy days with all the things you can do here. Whether you visit the Akershus Castle and Fortress or stop by at one of the many museums or galleries, you will find your day's being quickly filled. You can visit the Viking Ship Museum or view the Royal Palace and spend time at the Vigeland Park. Or you can even take in the 360 panoramic view from the Tryvannstårnet tower.

Oslo also offers you the opportunity to head for the great out doors and enjoy the incredibly natural beauty of the region. There is a surburban train line which takes hikers directly to the start of their trail making things considerably easier for visitors and locals alike. Or you can don your skiis and head to the Holmenkollen ski jump which was used in the 1952 Winter Olympic Games. Be warned however - Oslo is one of Europe's most expensive cities. You need to exercise caution when making purchases, especially if you are on a budget.


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