Travel to Tromso in Norway

Travel to the beautiful city of Tromso

Norway's Tromso is a vibrant city with an incomparable nightlife. Situated on an island in the north of Norway, this lively and attractive city is surrounded by fjords, islands and stunning snowy mountains. Tromso's weather is relatively mild with January being the coldest month. Tromso is constantly alive with entertainment and cultural events all through the year. In fact, Tromso boasts the most bars per capita in Norway.

Early wooden buildings throughout Tromso have been restored, giving the city a charming feel. The landmark Ishavskatedralen (or Arctic Cathedral) stands out with its amazing architecture and large stained-glass windows. Designed to mirror the regions natural beauty, the Cathedral was constructed with 11 spires.

The fascinating Tromso Museum will enlighten you as to Arctic life and the history of Tromso. Observe the exhibit on the Lapps, the indigenous people of the region. View interesting relics at the Polar Museum. Learn more about the Arctic environment at the Polaria Experience Center where you can also check out the seal aquarium.

Include a visit to Mack Olbryggeri on your itinerary. The world's northern-most brewery produces excellent ales enjoyed in Tromso. Another must is the Northern Lights Planetarium. Experience a 360° film along with an explanation on local phenomena, chiefly the absolutely awe-inspiring Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Try out the Mountain Cable car that will take you to the snowy peak of Mount Storsteinen 420 meters above sea level. Gorgeous hiking trails can be explored. Don't miss a delicious meal at the restaurant whilst admiring the view.

Truly embrace the great outdoors through activities such as whale safaris, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing and swimming. Tromso has so much to offer everyone in the family.

Accomodation caters for all, from luxury hotels in Tromso to hostels. Some individuals may enjoy a stay in a fisherman's cabin. Whatever your needs you will find Tromso's hotels and lodges most inviting and the service excellent. You can arrive in Tromso at Tromso Airport or by boat.

Tromso is a beautiful city with a strong pulse and so much to do. Whether its sight-seeing in the day or partying at night, Tromso is a vacation destination not to be missed.


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