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Discover the city of Trondheim, Norway

The third largest city in Norway, Trondheim has a rich history and rewarding present. The city was established in the 10th century by the Viking King Olaf I Tryggvason in 997 AD and was for a time, the seat of Norway's kings and therefore the countries capital until 1217. Olaf originally called the city 'Kaupangen' which means 'marketplace' but the city's name has changed many times over the years.

Located at the mouth of the river Nidelva of the Trondheim Fjord, Trondheim has always had a sheltered harbor. Initially, this harbor was deep enough to cater for all sea-going vessels of the time but an avalanche of stone and mud ruined this advantage in the late 17th century. Trondheim has seen a few battles and many fires but each time sections of the city suffered destruction it was used as a spring board to improve the city's design. Bigger avenues catered to changing trends and helped to prevent further fires but the town still retained much of its original charm.

Trondheim is known for its wooden buildings and medieval history. The Gothic Nidaros Cathedral is a prime example of this. Olaf was buried at the cathedral and canonized in 1031 and since then pilgrims have come from distant parts of Europe to worship at is shrine.

During World War II, the city became a Nazi naval base. But the lurking U-boats in the Trondheim Fjord soon disappeared along with their German counterparts and the people of the city re-established their lifestyles. Today, the city is quite progressive and the people well educated and cultured. The town center is best explored on foot. Not too far away, you can cross a small bridge to the island-like historical core of the city.

Trondheim's main buildings of interest are religious buildings and art or history museums. The Maritime Museum and Folk Museums are of particular interest. If you prefer something a bit more active, you might join the locals in their pursuit of fishing, hiking, skiing, swimming and playing golf or tennis. Either way you are sure to find a visit to Trondheim very pleasurable.


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