Travel to Volda in Norway

Climb the high mountains of Volda, Norway

Volda is a fascinating city located in a mountainous region. The principle geographical feature of Volda is the fjords Austefjorden and Dalsfjorden.

Volda is recognized mostly for its cultural heritage, but also for its scholastic traditions. Volda's private library located at Egset was a first in Norway. The library is said to have inspired the 19th century Ivar Aasen, a Norwegian lexicographer and philologist. In 1910 the Volda landsgymnas, a secondary school, was established and was the first in Norway to be situated outside of a city. One of Volda's chief institutions is the Volda University College. The college accepts approximately 3000 students, training them as teachers and journalists as well as animators.

The Norwegian National Documentary Movie Festival is held annually in Volda and is hosted by the Volda University College. Another brilliant annual event is the Veka festival where people can come and listen to well-known musicians.

Nearby, in the mountains, tourists can experience brilliant skiing. Feel the thrill as you engage in off-piste skiing from a summit of 1 500 meters all the way down to the fjord. Skilled skiers will gasp at the awesome ridges, glaciers and pinnacles. Ski mountaineering is best done in February to June. Trollvastiden, a mountain just south of Volda has three ridges as you make your way to the apex and is joined to the Bytingstinden sub-peak by a narrow saddle. Several routes can be taken and each differs in class. The "summer route" goes below Bytingstinden and through the saddle. It's advisable that you know what you are doing when hitting these slopes.

Volda shares and airport with ├śrsta. Why not hire a car at Norway's ├śrsta/Volda airport so that you can explore the surrounding areas.

Volda's gorgeous countryside is unforgettable,it will leave you awe-struck and wanting to return.


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