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Peru is derived from a Quechua word meaning "land of abundance". A more appropriate name could not have been chosen. Peru has an enormous variety of natural splendor, activities, archaeological sites and cities. For one thing, Peru is home to some of the most diverse plant and animal species in the world. It has 84 of the 104 known biomes in the world and more than 400 species of mammals amongst millions of other creatures. Here you will find small sandy deserts, incredibly deep canyons, the amazing Amazon rainforest and the Andes peaks. Few people can resist getting out and about to explore the main wonders of Peru and its cities like Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Lima for themselves.

Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, Peru was home to the incredibly sophisticated Incan Indians. Remains of their impressive and developed culture still abound in Peru and make for interesting sight seeing adventures. As you explore these amazing sights, you'll likely be surprised to find irrigations systems, sophisticated pottery and weaving, giant temples, fortresses and pyramids. There are also round towers, giant animal drawings and ancient burial grounds. You can visit the impressive and once well hidden Machu Picchu - the Incas' greatest secret. Or you can join the descendants of these intelligent people for a festival which displays the clothes, food and customs of Incan culture for all to enjoy.

Though Peru went through a time of turbulence in it's not to distant past, it is now slowly recovering. Its economy is being slowly developed to better cater towards tourism. This means that while some facilities might not yet be very well developed, you will have the privilege of enjoying a country that is not overrun by tourists. Instead you can head out on hikes and jungle treks, enjoy a stay at a modest lodge or explore ancient ruins along an Inca trail. Or you can visit some of the cities such as Puno and Lake Titicaca, Arequipa or Pisco. Peru is still building up an eco-tourism infrastructure but they are not too far behind other countries - with one of the greatest abundances of natural wealth in the world they have a lot to offer.

Only a trip to Peru will help you to truly understand the mysteries of the Inca's or the wonders of the rainforests and the Amazon jungle. It is only here that you will find your breath taken away by some of the richest forests in the world. Book your ticket now and prepared to be amazed.


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