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Puerto Maldonado

Peurto Maldonado is a beautiful national reserve park in the Amazon, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. It consists of three conservation areas near the large Peurto Maldonado river, the Madre de Dios, the Manu Biosphere Reserve and the Tambopata - Candamo Reserve. These reserves are home to populations of several endangered species and to over 450 different bird species.

Big and Small Chincana

These are caves formed by an water erosion over limy rocks. Small Chicana is situated 150 meters to the northeast side of the Rodadero slide, it is narrow and its low altitude forces the visitors to crawl to get in to it. Big Chicana is 200 meters to the north of the small one, but it is not accessible as it is flooded most of the time. Some chronicles believe that they were underground secret passages that created a connection with the Amarucancha and other places in the city.

Salapuncu or Laco

This is a prominent rock standing out on a hill 600 meters from Quenco. The cuts in the rocks seems are entrance doors to the cave rooms of the interior of the strong construction. On top of the rocky formation is a carved cylinder. You can admire the remains of the bird and feline sculptures that were deformed by the extirpators of idolatries.


Lamay is known for its thermal baths. It has a few pools including an open-air pool where many Peruvians come to relax on holidays and weekends. Definitely worth a visit, to cool down.


Sillustani is the most impressive of Peru's funerary towers. The tallest one reaches a height of 12m. The towers are situated on rolling hills in the lake Umayo peninsula, they are clearly visible and stands out for miles against the bleak background landscapes.


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