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Discover the delightful tastes of Peru cuisine

The Peruvian cuisine is considered to be one of the world's most diverse. Their cuisine are combined by the flavours of 4 continents, since so many French, Spanish, African, Sino-Cantonese, Japanese and Italian people have immigrated there mainly throughout the 19th century. Just to mention one example, only along the Peruvian coast there is more than two thousand different types of soups and more than 250 traditional desserts.

Because of their wonderful variety of delectable cuisine, there are many restaurants specializing in Peruvian cuisine in many cities throughout the world.

Some Traditional Peruvian dishes includes:

Papas Rellenas

Mash potatoes stuffed with a mixture of mince meat, eggs, olives and various spices and then it is deep fried in hot oil.


This is a very popular hearty beef and vegetable stew which includes two secret ingredients, yuca (cassava) and camotes (sweet potatoes).


A Butifarra is a sandwich, made with a hamburger-type bread roll, that consists of Peruvian ham and a special Peruvian spicy sauce.


Causa is mashed yellow potatoes dumplings mixed with lemon juice, onions, chili and oil. Other varieties include tuna or chicken. Causa is generally served cold with hard boiled eggs and olives.


This is probably Peru's most popular delicacy, it is cured meat originally from alpaca but lamb is often used as a substitute. Chalona is prepared using recently-cured lamb in which furrows are made with a knife in order for the salt to penetrate deeply into the meat. This process of salt penetration is important, because this depends how long the cured meat will last. The meat is left to dry in the sun and cold nights for about a month.


Picarones is similar to pumpkin fritters, it is a sweet, ring-shaped fritter with a pumpkin base. Cinnamon is often added.

Pisco brandy is considered by many to be the national drink of Peru. It is distilled from grapes and is produced in many regions of the country. They also make a Pisco Sour, a cocktail consisting of Pisco, lemon juice, sugar and the white of an egg.

As in many countries, beer is very popular. Local beer brands of Peru include Pilsen and Cristal.

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