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Discover the natural wonders of Huaraz

Many people who visit Peru to see the many stunning Inca ruins also enjoy making full use of the spectacular Peruvian countryside. With towering snow-covered peaks, beautiful jungles and stunning rivers, Peru really rises to the occasion. Of course no matter how you plan to spend your time, you will need a place to eat and sleep at the end of the day. If you're planning to spend time enjoying the Valley of Callejon de Huaylas, the city of Huaraz is probably the best place to do this.

Situated roughly eight hours from Lima by bus the city of Huaraz, Peru, enjoys magnificent views of the surrounding area. From your hotel in Huaraz you will likely be able to see about 5000 meters past the 20 closest snow-capped peaks. The most notable mountain is that of Huascaran, the highest mountain in Peru. With such a stunning view, you may be disappointed to see the town itself - a strange and unattractive hodge-podge of gray concrete walls. The town owes its somewhat dull appearance to an earthquake which flattened nearly all the buildings in the town and killed half the people living there. However despite the town's unappealing appearance, it is well structured to provide for the varying needs of its many tourists. For example will be able to find a variety of hostels and hotels in Huaraz. If you head to Calle Luzuriaga, the main street, you will find great Huaraz shopping opportunities and restaurants, amongst other things. You may also be able to hire a Huaraz taxi to take you to one of the surrounding areas for the day or organize Huaraz mountaineering opportunities at one of the travel agents.

The surrounding valley plays host to a variety of outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, trekking, skiing and rafting. For the less adventurous, there are a number of fine walking trails to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. You might try visiting the Llanganuco Lakes or the Pastoruri Glacier. Not far away from the Glacier, you will be able to discover the peculiar Puya Raimondii plants, a relative of the pineapple family that is found only in a few places in the Andes. Trekking from Llanganuco to the Santa Cruz Valley over a period of five days is another popular option as it allows the participant to be privy to some incredibly scenery. While the hike is not incredibly difficult you will have to acclimatize for a few days in Huaraz before attempting it. Pack you things now for this incredible destination - remembering to pack warm clothes to account for the Huaraz weather!


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