Travel to Ica in Peru

Enjoy the fascinating attractions that Ica has to offer

Ica is one of Peru's most important cities. Home of traditional Pisco brandy and a many vineyards, Ica has countless fascinating attractions just waiting to be explored.

Ica was originally established by Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera in 1563. Evidence of Ica's colonial past is seen in the architecture of many older buildings for example the mansions and the Cathedral.

Around Ica's city centre or Plaza de Armas there are many churches to view. The most impressive are San Francisco and El Señor de Luren which is the conclusion of a pilgrimage which occurs in October. Ica's Regional Museum houses a large assortment of relics and artifacts from the many cultures which have lived in the area. As you walk through the museum you will discover how the cultures developed. View Paracas textiles and Nazca ceramics as well as items from the Inca, Wari and Chincha. Wari, Nazca and Paracas mummies are also displayed. Observe skulls with signs of deformation and trepanation (surgical holes).

Definitely include a visit to the vineyards surrounding Ica on your itinerary. Many vineyards offer tours where you can discover how wine is made and test the wines and piscos. The best bodegas to visit are Tacama, Ocucaje and Vista Alegre. These three offer fantastic tours and also have a shop where you can purchase local piscos and wines. Around Ica there are many smaller traditional vineyards such as Bodega Alvarez, Bodega El Carmelo and Bodega El Catador.

Just 5km away from Ica is Huachina an oasis with a lake and sand dunes. Enjoy a day at this gorgeous location swimming in the crystal waters or sand boarding down the dunes. Encircling the lake are impressive palm trees and some restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Why not plan your holiday to Ica during one of the three main festivals. These are the Wine Festival, Señor de Luren Festival and Virgen del Carmen of Chincha Festival. At these festivals you can sample a variety of traditional Ica foods and sweets.

There are several hotels in Ica where you can enjoy hospitable accommodation and high-quality facilities. Check online reviews of hotels in Ica when deciding where to stay.

Ica is Peru's capital of Pisco and all the good times that go along with it.


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