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Every year thousands of visitors flock to Peru's cultural and business center Lima. They come here to be immersed in the incredibly rich archaeological heritage of the place, as well as to soak up the natural beauty that surrounds the city. The city itself beats to a slower, more enjoyable pace than other cities in the country, and it has a strong traditional feel to it. Lima provides a truly Peruvian experience to all who care to visit it.

Though the country is known for its amazing and varied vistas, this is especially true of Lima. Between the months of May and October you will find that Lima is blanketed by a soft mist which gives the city a dreamy feel. If you are here during the sunny time of year, you will find some truly brilliant white beaches which stretch on for hours and hours. The shores are lapped by the cold waters of the Pacific which makes for a refreshing swim if you dare. The shores are backed by immense sand dunes just waiting to be explored. But this is no tourist riddled highly developed shoreline. The beach at Lima is clean, warm, and bears little more human encroachment than a few small restaurants and cafes. If you want true tranquility though, you should head for El Silencio - one of Lima's most remote beaches.

So besides sunning yourself on a stunning beach, what else can Lima offer you? Well, Lima offers a variety of attractions - from museums and ruins to zoos and markets. The historical City Center boasts impressive colonial architecture and the Church of San Francisco is also quite eye-catching. Most of the museums focus, to some extent or another, on local history or artifacts. The Parque Las Leyendas Zoo focuses specifically on Peruvian wildlife which helpful in introducing visitors to the wonders so evident in the Peruvian wilds.

When it comes to shopping, you can enjoy more traditional forms such as that found in the Indio Market or the Petit Thouars Handicraft Market or you could opt for the more modern shops in the Jockey Plaza Shopping Center. There are many bars and restaurants where enjoyable evenings can be spent and during the day, horse racing, bull fighting and soccer is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Why not book your tickets for Lima now? It's an experience unlike any other.


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