Travel to Pisco in Peru

Sit back, relax and drink a Pisco!

Peru's Pisco, located on the Pacific Coast near Lima, is probably best known for producing Pisco brandy - a popular drink throughout the world. The name Pisco is derived from the Inca word meaning "bird". Pisco is medium sized city with lovely beaches and a close proximity to natural attractions and archeological sites.

Pisco gains further fame as it is the seat of one of Peru's greatest ancient civilizations, the Paracas. Remnants of this ancient culture are seen at many of Lima's museums.

Locals often refer to Pisco as the "Peruvian Galapagos" as it is situated right by the Paracas National Reserve. This wildlife park is made up of several islands and is brimming with birds and marine animals. Climb aboard a boat for a tour of the Ballestas Islands. People are not allowed on the islands; however, there is much to see from the deck of the boat. The rocks of the Ballestas Islands are teeming with flamingos, cormorants, penguins, pelicans and many more bird species. The shoreline is covered in sea lions and the waters are home to numerous dolphins and turtles and sometimes whales. Aside from the fascinating wildlife, the rocks have formed interesting shapes and many are dotted with stone carvings. The Humboldt Current brings cool waters to this section of the ocean and along with it an abundance of food. This attracts the scores of sea life to the region. The boat tour will take about 2 to 3 hours.

On your trip to the Ballestas Islands you will pass the "El Candelabro" geoglyph. This massive trident-shaped geoglyph stands out upon the sandstone cliffs of the bay. Also within the borders of the Paracas National Park near Pisco is the Paracas Peninsula. Tours of the area will lead you to "The Cathedral" with its water cave and unusual rock formations. You will then be lead to the Museo de Sitio Julio Tello which displays numerous discoveries dating back to the Paracas era. The tour ends at a lagoon. Here you can enjoy lunch or take a swim in the refreshing waters.

Peru's Pisco is the perfect location for exploring the natural wonders and historical heritage of this ancient land.


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