Travel to San Isidro in Peru

Explore the modern town of San Isidro

The beautiful district of San Isidro is a part of the Lima Province in Peru. San Isidro is one of the more upscale districts and is characterized by beautiful parks and large modern constructions. The district was officially established in 1931 and has since grown to become one of the provinces main financial quarters. Many of the national and foreign airlines have branches here so it is easy to book your flights in San Isidro.

But San Isidro, Peru, is not just about business. In fact the city prides itself on being home to a host of Peruvian artists. It also boasts a number of fine museums as well as the Huaca Huallamarca temple. In pre-Inca times it acted as a burying temple but today the place is occasionally used to host concerts and exhibitions. San Isidro is also known as 'the garden district' of Lima and this reputation is well earned. The district boasts a large number of green zones, beautiful parks, small and big plazas and exclusive residential areas. Despite the building boom it has seen in more recent years, San Isidro has still managed to retain the strong sense of atmosphere it originally had.

One of the best tourist attractions to be found in San Isidro is that of 'El Olivar'. This beautiful park features a colonial plantation of olive trees which date back more than 450 years. The park has recently been declared a historical monument. Also worth seeing is the Huaca Huallamarca (also Pan de AzĂșcar). This restored pre-Inca pyramidal huaca is made from traditional adobe (mud) bricks and now acts as a site museum. Otherwise you will find all the hotels, restaurants, shops, theaters, cinemas, casinos and discotheques you could possibly want in one particular area. San Isidro may not quite be what most people have in mind when visiting Peru but that does not mean it has nothing to offer.


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