Transport in Peru

Getting around with Peru transport

By Plane

Peru's main international airport is Jorge Chavez, situated in Lima. The Iguitos, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado and Chiclayo airports are also international but they have less flights or restrictions. Direct flights to Peru are available from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. AeroContinente, Aviandina, AeroPeru, AeroCondor, TdobleA, Lan Peru and Taca Peru are the airlines that serve Peru daily. Tickets should be booked well in advance.

By Train

Traveling by train in Peru is a very good option, they are fairly cheap, comfortable and safe. They also pass some of the most amazing landscapes and sceneries in Peru. The two main railroads that serve Peru offer the following routes: Lima - Huancayo, Huancayo - Huancavelica, Arequipa - Juliaca - Puno, Puno - Juliaca - Cusco and Cusco - Machu Picchu. They have first and second class facilities, first class is much more expensive with more luxuries than the second class but both classes are equally safe. Be vigilant for petty theft on night trains.

By Bus

Traveling by bus is the most common beam of transport in Peru. Most roads are well maintained and comfortable, except for in the mountain areas but the government is making an effort to repair and re-asphalt them. The recommended bus companies are Crus del Sur, Civa, Oltursa and Ormeno, they offer different services and prices. Their Royal and Imperial class offers good food, drinks, comfortable seats, air conditioning, toilets, hostesses and TV's on their buses.

By Car

Roads are well maintained and are fairly comfortable in Peru. You should just take car not to drive in the mountainous areas on a rainy day, as it can be dangerous due to the landslides on the dirt roads. There are many car rental companies in Peru, they are generally cheap and offer all types of cars and trucks. You will be required to have a valid drivers license as well as additional ID.

By Taxi

Traveling by taxi is probably the safest mean of transport in Peru. Taxis have no meters, therefore the taxi fare is payable before the journey. Bargaining is possible with taxi drivers. Radio-taxis and hotel taxis are much more expensive than the ordinary taxis and they are equally effective. Taxis are marked by a "TAXI" sticker on the windshield and a taxi light on the roof of the car. The yellow taxis are generally the best ones to take, as they have insurance, mechanical services and offer tourist information, they are also allowed into the Historic Center.

Llamas and Donkeys

While trekking in the Andes Mountains, you can hire one of these animals to load your luggage. You can walk with the peasants in the villages to arrange a Llama or a Donkey. You will be required to pay in advance, bargaining is not good, as this is often their only means of income. The animals will have to be fed while with you on your trip, this is generally your own responsibility.


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