Travel to Trujillo in Peru

Enjoy the fine climate of Trujillo

Trujillo is situated beside the Moche River near where it enters the Pacific Ocean. Known as the "city of the eternal spring", Trujillo's fine climate and rich historical heritage make it a popular destination.

Trujillo was established by Diego de Alamagro in 1534. It was named "Villa Trujillo" after the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro in Spain. On 23 November 1537 Trujillo was declared a city by King Charles V of Spain. Some time between 1685 and 1887 Trujillo was walled in to protect the city from pirate invasions. The city walls are seen today in the historical city center. Also seen in the heart of the city are impressive houses as well as old churches and convents. At that time the city was flourishing and wealthy as is seen in its grand architecture.

Trujillo's fascinating archeological finds attract large numbers of tourists to the city. These sites provide a look into the Moche and Chimu civilizations of the past. The most notable sites are the Chan Chan citadel (or Chimu mud city), Huaca del Sol, El Brujo, Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Dragon.

The Anthropology and History Museum Universidad Nacional de Trujillo will take you back in time to the first inhabitants of the area up until the Spaniard's discovery of Trujillo in 1532. Palacio Iturregui was constructed in the 1800s and today serves as the residence of an exclusive social club. Inside you will be suitably impressed by the columns and marble statues.

Trujillo is well known for Huanchaco beach, a great surfing section of the coast. Another popular beach in the area is Chicama Beach. Several fun-filled celebrations take place in Trujillo includeing the International Festival of Spring, National Competition of Marinera, Biannual of Contemporary Art, International festival of Ballet and Competition of "Caballos de Paso".

There are a variety of hotels in Trujillo. From basic apartments to 5-star hotels, Trujillo has exactly what you are looking for.

Trujillo is a city of mystery and historical charm. You are certain to fill your photo albums with unforgettable memories of Trujillo.


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