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Explore the wonders of the Changi in Singapore

Changi is located in the east of Singapore. It is well-known for the impressive Changi International Airport, the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and the infamous Changi prison. Changi village is quiet and serene. Beaches in the area are popular amongst bathers and fishermen. Singapore's Changi is the ideal getaway, a place where you can relax, enjoy beautiful scenery, visit various attractions and engage in a bit of shopping.

On arrival at Changi International Airport visitors are thoroughly impressed. This magnificent airport has an abundance of facilities, all of which contribute to the comfort and convenience of travelers. General airport facilities include information counters, lost and found, medical services, money changers, mini supermarket, children's playground, hair and beauty salon, pharmacy, postal and telecommunications services, a smoking room, a prayer room, Internet and visitor's center. A number of other unique services are also offered including napping areas, fitness and spa center, swimming pool, music bar lounges, a transit hotel, movie theater, Xbox games, skyplex, airport malls (for shopping and dining) as well as a number of nature trails in the themed gardens (Bamboo garden, cactus garden, orchid garden, koi pond, fern garden and sunflower garden. Changi International Airport is an experience all in itself.

Changi Museum is a popular attraction in the area. Originally located at Changi Prison, the museum has moved to new premises. The museum takes visitors through important events which occurred in Singapore during World War Two and the Japanese Occupation. Inside the museum visitors will discover artifacts and artwork from the prison and P.O.W. Camps. Also located here is a well-made replica of a P.O.W. Chapel. After exploring the museum, tourists can look through the gift shop and enjoy a cup of coffee at the café.

Changi Boardwalk is affords visitors with stunning sea views. The 1.2 km boardwalk leads tourists along the Stunning Changi coastline where they can see Pulau Ubin and several heritage trees. The boardwalk is divided into sections each with a very special ambiance. Sunset Walk features exquisite views of sunset across Changi Point. Kelong Walk built on stilts above the water takes visitors back in time. Cliff Walk takes tourist through verdant greenery with stunning vantage points. Sialing Point Walk is ideal for admiring the vast sea.

Changi Beach Park is one of Singapore's oldest coastal parks. Extending along some 3.2 km of coastline, Changi Beach Park encompasses stunning pristine beaches sprinkled with coconut palms. Facilities within the park include barbecue pits, shelters and benches. Changi Beach Park is great for the whole family.

These are just a few highlights of Singapore's Changi, an amazing district with so much to offer.


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