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Relax in the beautiful town of Novena

In central Singapore, you will find the small town of Novena. Few would even designate this very small settlement the title of "town", yet that is what it is zoned as under the Urban Redevelopment Committee of Singapore. Novena, Singapore, might not be very big yet, but it is built with the same perfunctory prettiness and efficiency that most cities in Singapore enjoy.

Novena is essentially a small village that has sprung up around a church. As a result, the majority of the roads, buildings and parks have all been named for the church in one way or another. The Church of St Alphonsus is located on Thomson Road and was built by the Redemptorist community living in the area in 1950. This small community of novenas were given a mission by Pope Pius IX to make the church figure of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor a household name. It is unlikely that this has been accomplished but the church still stands today and much of this small town bears the mark of the Novena Church. Examples of such naming can be seen in road names such as Jalan Novena Barat and Novena Terrace.

The few who travel to Novena in Singapore will likely enjoy spending time visiting Novena Ville and seeing the houses or relaxing in Novena Gardens. They might also enjoy a more leisurely shopping experience at the Novena Square Shopping Centre. Whatever the case, they are most likely to arrive and depart by means of the Novena MRT Station.


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