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Paya Lebar located in central-east Singapore is well-known for the Paya Lebar Airforce Base. The name Paya Lebar comes from the Malay words for "swamp" and "wide", as it was originally a swamp near Kallang River. Visitors can arrive in the area by means of the Paya Lebar MRT Station.

In the past Paya Lebar was an infamous squatter region. Residents of the area were involved in livestock farming. Richard Owen Norris bought a section of land in Paya Lebar in 1865 and came to live there along with his family. In 1915 the admiralty wireless station was located in the district. During 1955 Paya Lebar became a properly established area with the opening of Paya Lebar International Airport as well as residential zones, factories and schools. Paya Lebar is made up of four sub-zones called Paya Lebar West, Paya Lebar East, Paya Lebar North and Airport.

Paya Lebar Air Force Base is a landmark in the district. Originally the civilian Paya Lebar International Airport, it was progressively transformed into a military base from the year 1967. Also in 1967 the Air Movement Center was built to take care of passengers and cargo of a military nature. It was in 1981 that it became a military airbase exclusively. The following Squadrons are located here: 122nd, 141st, 144th and 149th. Aircraft kept in the hangers include F-5 Freedom Fighters and C-130 Hercules.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum in Paya Lebar is not to be missed. This impressive museum encompasses a grand outdoor gallery as well as a double-story indoor gallery. The museum guides visitors through the history of Singapore's Air Force right back to 1927. Exhibits include aviation artifacts and airplanes such as an A4-S Sky hawk, SF260 Marchetti and Hunter Hawker.

Paya Lebar is great for a day trip from nearby Kallang, particularly for history buffs and aviation fans.


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