Travel to Spain in Europe

Spain, a Country of Great Versatility

The fact that over 50 million tourists travel Spain every year cannot be taken for-granted. Sultry flamenco dancers, adrenaline seeking yet noble bull-fighters, diversities in both culture & architecture...but some of the many reasons why Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Don't be fooled that Spain is a direly cliched holiday destination with bull-fights and white beaches. Spain's sheer diversity in culture, language, history and attractions ensure that it is everything but 'just another destination'. The city of Barcelona is case and point in that regard. The history of Spain; the culture of Spain its modernistic nuances make for a wonderful holiday trip. Cordoba offers plenty of culture for daytime touring and night spots for the party-goers.

There is always something to see and something to do. Take our guarantee that you will never be bored in Spain. During the day, the streets are alive with sights & smells. Night-time in Spain will not disappoint you as there is an endless melee of entertainment, music and dancing.

Prefer the quieter places? Spain's countryside is nothing short of breathtaking. Even today, you will be able to find villages still standing from as far back as when Columbus set sail to brave the open sea. Spain's mountains hold their own against the whole of Europe, providing a beautiful backdrop to glorious lazy beaches. The beaches of Costa Del Sol leave nothing to be desired and shouldn't be missed. See why Madrid can hold its own against any European city for its sheer variety of activites, culture and people.

When to visit Spain

The coastal and interior areas enjoy their high season during the summer months. The peak of tourist travel through Spain occurs during August. A coastal migration occurs, flooding the coastline with thousands of visitors, leaving the inland cities almost dormant.

You can try avoid the high season altogether, but you should be aware that its called the 'low season' for a reason! you will have the pleasure of fewer people and decreased prices, but the smaller towns essentially shut down during this quiet period. Tourism offices and some attractions and sights are open for much shorter periods. You might be forced to rush around a bit more to see certain attractions before they close.

As one of the Schengen states, traveling to Spain is easy and convenient. A large number of flights, trains and ferries enter the country on a daily basis. Shop around for the best prices as you are certain to find a cheap flight to Spain. Before you know it you'll have booked your trip to Spain and the adventure can begin!


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