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Find a tourist office and get a Guia del Ocio. Here you'll find a complete listing of the current attractions in Cordoba. Flamenco dancers can be found at Tablao El Cardenal. Flamenco is a tourist driven attraction and as such, you can expect high prices. However the shows at Tablao El Cardenal are relatively well priced when compared to shows in Seville and Madrid.

Soul is a relaxed, cozy and hip bar. Don't be shocked by the bartenders with dreadlocks! Get to Ave Brillante where a string of very popular nightspots awaits you. Perhaps stop briefly at Cafeteria Terra for a cocktail before hitting the dance spots and bars. Pub La Moncloa, Club Kachamba and Club Don Luis are well known for the late night/early morning parties.

The vast amount of nocturnal activities in Spain will keep even the most dedicated party-goer satisfied for weeks on end. Paris? New York? London? Nah - give us Madrid anyday! Such is the attitude of the madrilenos. Madrid clubs, pubs and bars are always packed full of revellers until the early, wee hours of the morning. Tapas bars you kind of thing? Then be sure to make a turn past Huertas. For the young and the young at heart, you'll definitely want to check out the scene in Malasana or the hectic parties in Cheuca.

There are plenty clubs in Madrid for you to choose from. Generally, night spots will reach their peak around 2am. Entrance fees can be quite high in some cases, but you'll usually get a free drink. Dress smartly to avoid being denied entrance. Women however, are often allowed in free.

Influenced by the once strong Arabian culture, there were many public bathing spots in Cordoba. However as time progressed and Catholicism grew, these Arabic customs were squashed out and these public bathing spots were abandoned.

However, for the benefit of the many tourists, old Andalucia has been 're-opened' in the sense that some of these baths have been restored and made available to the general public. These baths have been lavished with Arabic d├ęcor and equally impressive service. You can start in the dressing room, then go to the cold room, the temperate room and then one of the two hot rooms to complete your Cordoban bathing experience. Do it in order, or jumble it up to suit your cravings. Finish it all off with some tea and pastries. Reservations are required so be sure to contact your travel agent and organize a booking.


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