Travel to Costa del Sol in Spain

Bronzed bodies and golden beaches in Costa del Sol, Spain

Costa Del Sol's main attraction: the seasons! It boasts 8 months of spring and 4 months of summer. Choose to holiday in Costa Del Sol and you're guaranteed of post-card beaches, hollywood hotels and florida promenades. Be prepared to spend a little more in Costa del Sol. The modern development and upmarket feel will leave your wallet feeling a little violated. Fortunately though, the natural breathtaking beauty is free and still worth every penny!

One of Costa Del Sol's best features, especially from a tourism point of view is its ease of access. There are literally hundreds of charter flights landing here every day. Flights from London are dirt-cheap. Every 30 minutes there is a train between Malaga and Fuengirola. The 'white villages' or 'pueblos blancos', Ronda, Cordoba, Seville and Granada are all within easy reach, making Costa Del Sol, a pleasant & enjoyable stop-over point.

Malaga's population of 550000 can lay claim to living in the birth place of one Pablo Picasso. The largest Andalucian coastal city, Malaga gives you the opportunity to enjoy white sand beaches and a fascinating old-town experience. Malaga is one of the poorer Spanish cities, and whilst the tightly built high-rises look a bit shabby as you approach, the old-town charm makes Malaga a worth-while visit. Near the fishing village of El Palo and Pedregalejo, just to the east of Malaga, are some of the best sea food restaurants in the province.

Go back in time and enjoy the medieval feel of the Alcazaba. Have your breath stolen as you gaze at the Cathedral which combines Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles; all encompassed in its 15 chapels.

Marbella's claim to fame is that it is the vacation destination for actors like Sean Connery and many other famous types. There are more yachts than hotels & hostels! But don't be put off, it might be the destination of the rich and famous, but you can still have a fantastic time on a budget. Although the beaches offer 320 days of warm sun-shine, don't forget to take a lazy stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets of the old-town. With over 22km's of white sandy beaches lined with pristine yachts, the coast line is naturally very popular.

Ronda is one of Andalucia's many white washed villages. These 'pueblos blancos' are more often than not, found covering the sides of hillsides leading up to a castle or a towering church. Ronda is situated in the middle of a triangular area between Seville, Malaga and Algeciras, in which the most impressive 'pueblos blancos' can be found. Ronda is essentially split in two by a breathtaking river gorge that is spanned by an 18th century bridge.

Accomodation in Ronda / Costa del Sol

Opposite the bullring at Plaza de Toros, you'll find Ronda's tourist office. The accomodation in Ronda is clustered in the Mercadillo quarter near the old Moorish town. Calle Almendra also has a number of basic & cheap options, one of which is the Hostal Ronda Sol. A more comfortable stay can be had at one of the lovely hotels in Costa Del Sol namely, La Purisma, Hotel Macias or the Hotel Virgen de los Reyes. If you feel like roughing it, there are also 3 campsites in Ronda.

Food in Ronda / Costa del Sol

If you're on a tight budget, then you'll probably find yourself tending towards the cheaper restaurants around Plaza del Socorro. If you have a few more euros to spend, they will be well spent at the Taberna de Santa Domingo, just across from the Puento Nuevo. Alternatively, you can check your emails, enjoy a pastry & a cup of coffee at 'Planet Adventure'.


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