History of Spain

Brief Outline of Spanish History

Around approximately 1100BC, the Phoenicians started setting up trading colonies and joined the Greeks on the Spanish Coastline. When Phoenicia fell however, Carthage took over Spain but it was primarily ruled by the Romans for 6 centuries.

In 1492, Columbus discovered America and the Canary Islands were now part of Spanish territory. The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Spain were exciting as exponential growth in the countries power and political presense gave it a large boost and made it a real player in European politics.

In 1989 however after losing a brief war with the US, Spain had Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philipines taken away from her. During the 1931 elections it was made very clear that the monarchy had overstayed its welcome. The King was overpowered and he left. Thus on April 14th Spain became an independant Republic.

Spain struggled as a Republic though and for 5 years she was riddled with all sorts of problems ranging from political and economic conflicts to social issues. As a result the country was torn in two: those in favor of a republic and those not. July 18, 1936 marked the beginning of a 3 year long civil war which left many dead. On October 1st of the same year, General Franco took over and established a dictatorship which lasted for some 40 years. He died in 1975 and it became clear, with the arrival of Juan Carlos 1 that the monarchy was on track to be re-established in Spain.

Adolfo Suarez, the Prime Minister of the 2nd monarchy in Spain fought successfully for the establishment of a democracy in Spain and on June 15th 1977, Spain held its first parlimentary election in 41 years.


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