Travel to Madrid in Spain

Bull and Flamenco dancers in Madrid, Spain

The death of Franco in 1975 left Spaniards free from repressed totalitarian rule. Like a compressed spring let loose, young 'madrilenos' went wild with all night parties held in bars or in the open streets. This partying went on for so long and involved so many people, that this kind of revelry became somewhat of an institution in Madrid. Fortunately, the essence of these celebrations has been kept alive in Madrid. In the true spirit of Carpe Diem, youngsters in Madrid seize the day, or in this case the night, and lose themselves in perpetual parties all year long. Ceaselessly energetic party people, pack out bars and disco's until the early hours of morning.

Madrid's culture, nightlife, and its population's lust for life, will rival any European city. Travel in Madrid, and see why its one of the worlds most popular travel destinations.

Be Careful!

Madrid is generally safe. However Puerta del Sol can still be a bit overwhelming to the inexperienced nocturne. Be aware of your personal items when walking around late at night. Try and always travel in groups. Be conscious of pickpockets especially in parks and quiet streets.

Accommodation in Madrid

We recommend that you make a reservation for any holiday during the peak seasons, ie Summer. Depending on the services and amenities that you require, you can expect to pay anything from ?17 to ?50 per person.

If you're looking to 'rough-it', then you might want to check with a travel agent and find the closest camp site. There are about 13 campsites within a 50km radius of Madrid.

As you'll find in most of Spain, there are plenty of hostales in Madrid too, that offer cheap rooms with the bare essentials. For a few extra euro's, you can find a splendid hotel in Madrid. There are a number of hotels to choose from.


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