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The beautiful city of Salamanca, Spain, is an extraordinary mixture of small and large town, student village and historical center all rolled into one. Suituated in the heart of the Salamanca province, the city has roughly 180 000 inhabitants but it still somehow manages to keep the intimacy of a village. Salamanca is known for two main things - it's university and it's high level of spoken Spanish - but there is more to the town than just these things.

One of the first things that may strike you when you arrive for your holiday in Salamanca is that of the beautifully ornate buildings that abound. Nowhere any other city in the country is quite so untouched by modern trends. Even new additions to the town are built in the same fashion as the rest of the town to ensure continuity and the stone is quarried from Villamayor. This means that not only is a high degree of filigree possible but that even new buildings retain the characteristic golden color that have earned Salamanca the nickname of "The Golden Town". This architectural purity has also earned Salamanca UNESCO World Heritage Site status. As you walk the streets enjoying the wondrous architecture, you might enjoy stopping by a few of the city's attractions such as the Cathedral, the monasteries, the Plaza Mayor and the various statues that can be found in the city.

Another attraction is that of the Salamanca University which is the oldest in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. It is the university which draws hundreds if not thousands of students from around the country and keeps the rich ambiance of the city alive. At night you will find the beautifully decorated bars filled with students and open till late at night. Most of the residents of Salamanca speak Castilian Spanish which is considered to be the purest form of the language and so draws students and visitors from all over the world. After enjoy the sights and drawing in the atmosphere, you may well enjoy some shopping in Salamanca. Salamanca hotels are also delightful and you will be able to enjoy a sense of history right in your hotel room. Start making your Salamanca holiday arrangements right now!


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