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Sweden is one of Europe's best kept secrets. This enormous land of coniferous forests and crystal clear mountain lakes is not only home to sophisticated cities but also boasts some of the continent's best beaches. Forget about legendary high prices, because devaluation has made Sweden one of the best bargains in Europe.

Stockholm, built on 14 islands, is the country's capital and supreme attraction, a bundle of islands housing monumental architecture, fine museums and the country's most active culture and nightlife. Stockholm comes lauded as Sweden's most beautiful city, and largely lives up to it - it's delightful, not least as a contrast to the apparently endless lakes and forests of the rest of the country. Its tracts of water and range of monumental buildings give it an ageing, lived-in feel, quite at odds with its status as Sweden's most forward-looking city.

If Stockholm is 'the Venice of the North', then Gothenburg (population 460,000)is its Milan. The industrial center of Sweden and home to foremost companies such as Volvo, Gothenburg is unexpectedly relaxed. With top-notched museums, vibrant street live and beautiful parks, Gothenburg has something to give pleasure to every traveler.

Malmo with a population of 265,000 inhabitants, is Sweden's third-largest city. It has an ethnic and cultural diversity unmatched elsewhere in Sweden. The city has been re-energized by the completion of the Oresund bridge to Denmark, which cuts the travel time between Malmo and Copenhagen to under 30 minutes. The city's canals, parks and largely pedestrianized streets and squares make it a great place to leisurely stroll around.


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