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Sweden is blessed with an abundance of freshwater lakes and the sea of course that provides the perfect opportunities to catch numerous types of fresh and seawater fishes, such as, Arctic Char, Trout, Salmon trout, Cod, Coal-fish and many more.


Sweden has a large population of grouses and hunters have had very good luck so far. There are many hunting tour companies available and some of them are even equipped with helicopters that can fly you up to the mountains where you can hunt all by your self. Hunting as well as fishing has long traditions in Sweden, and the Swedish really mostly on this outdoor activity for their basic food.

Dog sledding

Sweden is blessed with wide mountain terrains that are entirely untouched, and the dogs are in very good shape and are very keen to take you where ever you want to be. The Alaskan Huskies that pull the sleighs are devoted and friendly dogs that love attention. Dog sledding is not exactly a sport or rather an activity to do in jeans, but not to worry there are numerous shops that rent out warm expedition clothing and boots.

Canoeing and kayaking

Sweden is lucky to have so many lakes and rivers suitable for canoeing and kayaking. Canoeing and Kayaking is unfortunately only possible during the summer months in Sweden as most lakes and rivers are frozen over in the winter months. A trip on a Canoe or a Kayak will give you a chance to see the breathtaking views and experience the freshest air in the world, on your own pace.

Whitewater rafting

There are many whitewater rafting tours available in Sweden. They will give you the opportunity to experience the thrill of an exhilarating ride through rapids, falls and even calm stretches. Whitewater rafting is a perfect outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are different tours that are varied to the visitors levels of experience and fitness.


Sweden is a skiers paradise! It has a couple of ski resorts that are equipped with some of the best amenities. Sweden has an abundance of mountain terrains, that will ensure you to have a fast, thrilling skiing experience. Sweden is a good alternative to Switzerland, if you want to enjoy a quiet, peaceful skiing holiday, as Sweden's skiing resorts do not get quite as crowded as those in Switzerland.


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