Essential Travel Information for Sweden

Essential Information when Travelling in Sweden

When to Go

The best time to visit Sweden is in the summer months, when the temperatures raise up to about 20°C in the South and up to 16°C in the North, unless you are amongst those you want to visit Sweden for skiing reasons. Winter temperatures drop to as low as -5°C and conditions are very favourable then for skiing. It is recommended to bring heavy cold-weather gear if you plan to visit during winter time.


Sweden has a temperate climate, with very cold winters and cool summers. The average winter temperatures drop to about -5°C and the average summer temperatures raise to about 16°C. In the winter months the canals, lakes and rivers freeze over and maybe once or twice a decade even the sea freezes over. You should always pack clothes suitable for very cold weather when planning to visit Sweden.

Health and Safety

Sweden is known for being one of the cleanest places on earth. You do not need to be vaccinated against anything upon your trip to Sweden and you should be scared of any illnesses. But as with any other country, you might experience a mild case of travelers diarrhea. Sweden doesn't have a high crime rate, but as with all places you should avoid deserted places in the evenings. If you wish to travel by night, you should rather take a taxi.

Visas and Passports

Citizens of Australia, Canada, the EU, New-Zealand, and the US do not need a visa for stays of up to 3 months. South African citizens need a visa for stays of any lengths. All visitors needs passports to enter Sweden and to re-enter their own countries again.

Money and Currency

The Swedish currency unit is Krona. Usual banking hours are from Monday to Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm. Note that most post offices are also banks. Although a gratuity is usually added to the bill, tipping is becoming more common, a 10-15% tip is now considered standard.


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