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Gränna in Sweden is a charming little town with charming wooden houses surrounded by absolute beauty. Situated next to Lake Vätern and at the base of Grännaberg, this stunning quaint town is now a popular holiday destination.

The uniquely beautiful town of Gränna was founded by Count Per Brahe in the year 1652. It began as a main street (Brahegatan) with just 10 houses. The Count could see the little town from his castle Brahehus. At a later stage Count Per Brahe had a Town Hall built and improved on the church. The Baroque style church can be seen positioned above the city at the foot of the Grännaberg.

There are many places to explore in the attractive city of Gränna. Whilst walking around the city you will see the Medborgargård in the market square. Visit the many boutiques and craftsmen shops. The lovely restaurants and cafés will provide you with delicious delights. Don't forget to try a peppermint rock!

The city of Gränna gained much fame due to Saloman August Andrée's arctic balloon expedition to the North Pole. The Grenna Museum - Andréexpedition Polarcenter contains photos, journals and items from the expedition. Many other things can be learnt about Gränna's history at the museum. In July the anniversary of S.A. Andrée's balloon expedition is celebrated.

Take a boat ride out to the island of Visingö in Lake Vättern. Evidence in the form of prehistoric cemeteries shows that the island must have been inhabited many, many years ago. Ruins of the Visingsborg castle (also erected by the Brahe family) can be investigated on the island. The magnificent castle was devastated in 1718 by a fire. Make your way to Sweden's oldest non-religious building, the "Castle on the Näs". This is a delightful island to amble quietly around.

Don't be mistaken by thinking this is a sleepy little town though. The night life is vibrant and many special events are held in the summer months. Why not plan to come when the Gränna Polka festival is in full swing.

There is no lack of places to stay in Gränna. From hotels in Gränna to guest houses and Bed and Breakfasts, you will find a comfortable bed to lie on at the end of a busy day. Gränna's hotels come highly recommended.

This vibrant, old-world town will leave your body invigorated, your mind enlightened and your soul refreshed.


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