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In south-west Sweden in Halland, you will find the charming and historical city of Halmstad. The city is the seat of the Halmstad Municipality and its immediate population numbers over 50 000. Halmstad can trace it's history back to the early Middle Ages - to roughly 1000-1100.

The name 'Halmstad' was first made use of as the name of a King's mansion in the area and it is likely that the name was later used to refer not only to the mansion but also the surrounding homes. The oldest known charter for Halmstad dates back to 1307 but it is quite possible that there may have been one older than this. The original location of Halmstad was somewhat further from the coast but it was moved closer to more or less its current position in the 1320s. The history of Halmstad has not always been a peaceful one. It was first raised to the ground in the 1430s under Swedish commander Engelbrekt and it suffered again when it was besieged in 1563 as part of war activities from the Northern Seven Year's War. 1619 saw it suffer destruction yet again when it was burnt to the ground a second time - this time with only the stone buildings and the church surviving.

Today Halmstad has somewhat recovered from this troubled past. Old stone buildings and interesting museums are popular attractions. The surrounding landscape is that of beautiful tree filled valleys and mountains and there is a small strip of beach within driving distance. Halmstad is the ultimate peaceful getaway spot for those who are tired of mainstream tourist destinations.


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