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Jönköping, Sweden, is approximately 700 years old and began as a trading center. It has always been a natural access road, as seen in evidence of the remnants of stone age dwellings in the area. Small marketplaces formed at the crossroad of the road between Ostrogothia and Westrogothia and roads along the Lagan and Nissan rivers. The marketplaces then built-up into a village and a castle was later constructed. King Magnus Ladulås ruled that Jönköping be given rights as a City in Sweden as of 18 May 1284. The town often suffered attacks especially from the Danes, who would plunder the city. As a result the city was razed many times. Finally, in the 16th and 17th century, the city was fortified against attack.

Jönköping has become famous for the matchstick industry which lead to the expansion of the city in the 19th century. Today, this industry continues to flourish as they manufacture safety matchsticks from aspen. Why not visit the Matchstick Museum where an old factory used to operate. The museum will give you insight into how the workers lived as well as worked and also how matches were manufactured.

Then make your way to another of Jönköping's museums, the Jönköping County Museum. This is the largest exhibition in Sweden. Observe romantic artworks by John Bauer (born in Jönköping) along with other unique displays. The Radio Museum in Jönköping is the most comprehensive in Sweden. Galleries are scattered throughout the city and tourist can view Swedish and foreign art. Music is an essential element of Jönköping's culture as especially evident at the Concert Hall. The exceptional Jönköping Concert Hall boasts a large variety of concerts both of international and local performers. Jönköping has developed a full symphony orchestra, a small stringed orchestra and a number of choirs. Associations devoted to jazz, rock and folk music are in place. The internationally recognized band, The Cardigans had their beginnings in Jönköping Concert Hall.

There are many options for hotels in Jönköping, from luxury hotels to Bed and Breakfasts in the stunning countryside. Hotels in Jönköping come highly recommended and you are certain to have a fabulous stay.

Jönköping in Sweden is a unique and beautiful city which you will enjoy exploring on your next vacation.


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