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City of sunshine, Sweden's Karlstad, is a friendly city with a knack for hospitality. Karlstad is about quality of life. This city can be enjoyed in many different ways from exploring the sights to relaxing in nature.

Karlstad is located on the shores of Lake Vänem and is conveniently accessed from many of Sweden's major cities. This is a city of natural beauty with numerous outdoor activities to enjoy. Why not take a ride on an old steam boat around the lake. Make your way to Segerstad's archipelago, made up of 30 practically uninhabited islands.

The pristine environment of the archipelago will leave you breathless. Beaches on these islands are either of sand or flat rocks with some sparse pine forest coverage on the rest of the island. Investigate the stone labyrinths of Stora Axelön Island as well as the fascinating stone formations, some of which date back to the Middle Ages. Tradition has it, that these labyrinths were created by sailors shipwrecked on the island. Experience nature further by checking out the deep forests of Karlstad.

There are also many things to see in Karlstad. Take a stroll through the city or make your way around on a rented bicycle. Pay a visit to the Värmländs Museum which will give you captivating information on the history of Värmländ. The Karlstad Cathedral, found in the middle of town, was constructed in 1730. Discover the house where Gustaf Fröding began his life, it is called Alsters Herrgård. Karlstad also has a fantastic nature museum.

You are certain to find the Dye Domarring (stone circle) absolutely intriguing. Excavations at the site revealed two contiguous stone circles. The remnants of a Stone Age settlement dating back to 4000 - 3500 B.C.E. was also uncovered during excavations in 1971. Another ancient discovery was made at Lake Södra Hyn, that of an early Iron Age burial ground.

Sweden's Karlstad is a great holiday destination with much to see and do. Why not find out, either online or through a travel agent, about a reasonable flight to Karlstad and what options for hotels in Karlstad are available. You will be able to find accommodation from hotels in Karlstad to cozy Bed and Breakfasts and guest houses.

Enjoy the sun in beautiful Karlstad!


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