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Explore the wonderful city of Malmo

Malmö is an attractive city with a decidedly medieval feel and wonderful cobbled streets. The older sections of the town have a much more authentic feel to them as inhabitants make their way to work and back every day. This is no pretty pretense created to lure tourists - every rough-hewn stone or cobble is the real deal - a legacy left behind by past generations which has somehow endured to our present day.

Malmö was one of the earliest towns of Scandinavia. It its early years, it was very industrialized but this trailed off somewhat leaving the citizens of the town to struggle with high unemployment rates. However, this problem has been addressed and now Malmö is enjoying an economic revival. The current population is somewhat mingled, making Malmö the most multi-ethnic city in Sweden.

The city features canal's, parks and pedestrian walkways and squares which make it great for exploring on foot. At the core of the medieval part of town, you'll find Stortorget - a large and impressive market square. To the one side of this square, is the Rádhus - a wonderfully medieval building with spikes and statues. The insides of this building are well preserved and there are organized tours which you can take. Behind this buildings, is the St Petri Kyrka, a Gothic church. To the west you will find Kungsparken and the Malmöhus which is a fortified castle with a moat, two keeps and a grassy rampart. Its grounds are pleasant and the main building now houses the Malmö museum and an art gallery. These are some of the impressive buildings you will find in Malmö.

If shopping is your thing, you might try everyone's favourite spot, the Lilla Torg. This 16th century market square is usually full of merchants and buyers engaging in trade. At night the encircling pubs and nightclubs come alive. Or you might try the Saluhallen which is a very good indoor market. Both offer opportunities to buy locally made goods and experience life amongst the locals. The Möllevangen is a great place to enjoy live music and meet local artists.

Another site worth visiting is the architectural wonder, the Turning Torso. This huge apartment block is shaped like a twisting tower. If you are visiting during the summer, you might enjoy a walk along the boardwalk or a swim with the locals. It should be remembered though, that Malmö is a wonderful place to visit the whole year round.


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