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Just east of the Skavsta airport, you will find the charming little municipality and city of Nyköping. The area serves as the seat for the Södermanland Country and has a relatively small population of roughly 35,000 people. The area known today as Nyköping has been home to early civilizations from around the time of 2,000 BC, however it's better known history starts around the medieval period when it was made the capital of a minor Swedish king as was common at the time. Sometime later in the 13th century the Nyköping Fortress was begun. It was completed a century later and became known as the strongest fortress in Sweden. To this day, the Nyköping coat of arms depicts either the fortress or one of its towers as a symbol of strength.

In the early 1300s Nyköping became famous for another, more insidious reason. This small part of Sweden became host to the Nyköping Banquet where King Birger of Sweden captured his two brothers and imprisoned them until they starved to death to avenge earlier sufferings at their hands. The act of cruelty made it's way into the history books and likely served as a warning to other potential betrayers. Just over a hundred years later, the earliest known charter was issued resulting in the Nyköping city being developed. Sometime later in the 16th century, Nyköping rose in status when it gained the title of a Royal resident seat. It was at about this time that Nyköping was at the peak of its development. Unfortunately this soon came to an end. In 1665 large parts of the city were ravaged by fire. History repeated itself roughly fifty years later at the hands of Russian troops. It was after this invasion that Nyköping was rebuilt on the street plan which is still in use today.

While the next couple of hundred years were characterized by industrialization, Nyköping has not lost its unusual charm. You will still be able to find interesting sites to see if you plan on spending a little time here. The food is great too, so it is a good idea to take in a meal or two while you're visiting. And don't forget to try the many small shops - they're an experience all on their own!


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