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Sweden's Örebro is a city based around a bridge. As strange as that statement may seem, it is true. During the middle ages many main roads converged in the area, however people had to wade across the Svartån River at a particular point. Eventually a bridge was constructed across this area and was called "Örebron". The town of Örebro formed around the bridge. A church was built in the town. A fortress was built on an islet of the river. Örebro became a trading town and was particularly involved in the trade of iron. The city steadily grew as various industries also developed and today is one of Sweden's largest cities.

Tourists will find a visit to the 700 year old Örebro Castle fascinating. The castle was built in stages beginning with a defense tower in the 13th century. By the end of the 1500s the castle was completed. For more than 200 years the county governor has resided in the castle. A large portion of the castle is open to the public to explore. Guided tours are conducted for those wishing to find out the details of the castle's history. Check out the tourist bureau, art, music and delicious food stalls within the castle's walls.

The Old Town, Wadköping, is an open-air museum. Wadköping was inaugurated in 1965 and contains buildings which will take you back in time to Örebro's original settlement environment. Also in the Old Town is a theatre, museums, an exhibition area, craft shops, a café, 2nd hand bookstore, a bakery and a barber's shop. One side of the street features red buildings of the 17th,18th and 19th century. The other side looks much like the area looked after the 1854 great fire.

A great activity to organize in Örebro is a boat trip on Lake Hjälmaren or the River Svartån. Whether you simply enjoy a sightseeing trip or have a shrimp tea you will have plenty of fun.

Hotels in Örebro vary from the luxury 5-star variety to the comfortable smaller hotels. Check out online reviews of hotels in Örebro when deciding where to stay. Also shop around for good deals on flights to Örebro. Your travel agency will also be able to organize good prices on flights to Örebro. You may consider car hire from Sweden's Örebro airport to explore the city and surrounding areas.

Örebro in Sweden is a fantastic holiday destination that will take you back in time and leave you feeling relaxed.


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James L Jellison - 2011-03-25 19:43:04

I am trying to find how to pick up a rental car near the Central Train Station. In past years I used Avis at Östra Bangatan 42. I did not find Avis at this location when I looked today on the WEB

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