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In the eastern parts of Sweden in Stockholm Country you will find a little Swedish city known as Solna. Solna may not be very large, but it is very involved in various sectors of industry such as machinery, electrical goods, paper and chocolate. These activities help to keep it on the map, but it is the small town charm which keeps visitors coming back for more.

Traditionally, Solna is dividied into eight parts but none of them hold any administrative functions. The largest of these are RĂ¥sunda, Hagalund and Huvudsta. The area is served by the Stockholm Metro services as well as by a communter train system which makes commuting to the area a popular option. Solna is also the seat of the Swedish motion-picture industry and is home to a number of scientific institutes, including the world famous Nobel Institute. It boasts several large hospitals and a War Academy which has been housed in Karlsberg Castle since 1792. The Karlsberg Castle is one over several in the Solna area. There are also three Swedish Royal Palaces worth seeing.

If you are visiting for the day we recommend you visit all the castles and palaces before relaxing for a bit in one of the many beautiful gardens and parks. The Solna church is a definite must-see. Constructed in the 12th century it is cylindrical in shape for defensive purposes and there are only a few of these peculiarly shaped churches in Sweden. Another popular attraction is that of the RĂ¥sunda stadium which is the national football stadium where numerous international soccer matches are held regularly. For those who enjoy shopping, the Solna Centrum center is a good place to stop. Solna may not be everyone's cup of tea but it really is worth visiting Solna - even if only for a short while.


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