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Roughly 70 kilometers north of Stockholm you will find the Swedish city of Uppsala. Uppsala is the capital of Uppsala Country and is also the ecclesiastical center of the country. However it wasn't always so as Uppsala was at one time the main center for heathen worship in Sweden. It boasted a temple filled with magnificent idols of the Æsir gods and it even withstood Christian forces for as long as 50 years after Sweden became Christianized. Eventually, however, the temple was demolished in the 11th century and Uppsala was in turn made a center of Christian worship. Not long after the first bishop - a monk from Alvastra - was consecrated. Uppsala was made into an archdiocese which resulted in him becoming the first Archbishop of Uppsala and Sweden. Uppsala has been the seat of Sweden's archbishop ever since 1164.

Uppsala is also famous for its university which was founded in 1477 and is the oldest and most renowned in Scandinavia. Today this beautiful university is one of the cities main attraction. The impressive Uppsala Cathedral is another. Built in the Gothic style that was typical of the time, the Cathedral is one of the largest in northern Europe. Another popular attraction is that of the Castle of Royal Roots which was built in the 16th century and can be toured. Despite numerous fires which have devastated certain historical parts of the city over the years, there are still a large number of historical buildings which can be viewed in the western part of the city. You can wonder through the aged streets for days while you admire their character and get a feel for the people who might have once resided in them.

Uppsala may be somewhat small and may not make the best vacation destination but it is definitely worth a visit. It would make a great day trip whilst visiting nearby Stockholm and when the historical attractions run out, there is always great shopping to be enjoyed and interesting people to meet. Make sure you include a visit to Uppsala in your next Swedish vacation.


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