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Switzerland is the world's best destination for skiing. It has an abundance of world class skiing resorts with all the facilities you can ever dream of. The slopes of the high Alps Mountains and the favourable skiing weather in the winter, will not fail to satisfy any skiing connoisseur. Switzerland offers skiing adventures for all ages and for all skill levels. There are thousands of skiing teachers as well as companies that rent skiing equipment, clothes and gear.


Switzerland has over 30 000 miles of hiking paths in the mountains and the mountains are well equipped with refuges, hotels and restaurants. There are trains and cable cars in most high altitude regions to make walking a lot easier in the high rocky regions. Switzerland's hiking trails are very well maintained but at the same time are pretty much untouched and they are very well marked.


Cycling is an immensely popular pastime in Switzerland. The popularity is perhaps because of the steep hills that make the ride more adventurous, although there are also lots of good cycling in the valleys. Cycling routes are very well marked and maintained. Bicycles can be hired from most train stations, the bikes are always new and in tip-top condition. For a small extra fee the station will allow you to drop off the bike at another station.


Waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing are becoming more and more popular by the day. These sports can be done on most lakes, the only drawback is that there can be a distinct lack of wind during the summer months. There are many watersport companies that rent canoes, rafts, boats, and equipment.

Ice Skating

Switzerland is blessed with a huge collection of ice skating destinations. Some of them are artificially made, but most of them are natural lakes that freeze over in the winter. Some of the places use a pool for entertainment in the summer and then they use the same pool for a ice skating rink in the winter. Ice skates and ice skating gear are available to rent at numerous stores.


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