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A municipality and town in the canton of Grisons, Arosa is well reputed as a summer and winter resort. The place rests 1775m above sea level at the end of the Schanfigg valley and boasts over 60 kilometers of slopes that are great for skiing in the winter months. Arosa has a reputation for its safe skiing areas and great hospitality.

Arosa probably started life as a settlement dating back to around the 13th century. By the 14th century the community that lived here subsisted on an alpine pasture economy and the town slowly started to gain a reputation for its clean living and tranquil atmosphere. In 1883, Arosa hit the map when Dr Otto Herwig-Hold discovered it whilst on a skiing tour of the mountains south of Chur. He decided that Arosa was the perfect spot to build his new tuberculosis sanatorium which he opened here in 1888. However the market for winter sport enthusiasts proved greater than that of recovering patients and soon the area once known as a health resort became a holiday town. By 1938 the first ski elevators were constructed which were later followed by a cable car and chair lifts. The isolated village has since developed into an acclaimed resort - no doubt aided by The Strand article about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who skied down to Arosa where he enjoyed a good lunch at the local in. While it is now considered too dangerous to repeat the authors trail, his little adventure helped to put Arosa on the international map.

Today you will still find that Arosa is a popular skiing resort where you can enjoy good slopes without the swank and pomp of celebrity. The town's main economy comes from tourism and there are over 4 000 guest beds which are kept available to visitors. The majority of these are in Arosa hotels where people spend their nights after enjoying their Arosa skiing adventure. If you're looking for a great spot in the Alps that is a bit more out of the way but still popular and well developed for skiing, give Arosa a try. We are confident that you'll find the spot so endearing that you'll return more than once to enjoy its many treasures.


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