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Explore the fascinating city of Bern, Switzerland

Charming and unique, modern day Bern still has its old cobbled streets, fountains and medieval buildings. Much is the same as it would have been 500 years ago - with perhaps the exception of the more modern shop wares and signs. The quaint cobbled lanes still keep to the original street plans and the fountains that trickle today where very much in use centuries ago. It is this unique charm which makes the city so appealing. Bern is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

If you are familiar with the city's symbol, you may have pondered over the bear on the crest. According to legend, the city's founder Berchtold was advised to name the town after the first animal he caught while hunting. Of course, that animal was a bear and the bear has been the symbol of the city ever since.

When you look at this city - virtually trapped in time - you may think it hard to imagine it as the countries capital. However, when you look closer, you will realize that everything in this city represents the finer aspects of Swiss life. The charming clustered roof tops complimented by the majestic Alps which loom on the horizon are just one sight that will take your breath away. Indeed, it is not hard to imagine why Bern, with its wooded hills and beautiful river banks, sturdy timeless buildings and beautiful water fountains, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So what can you expect to see when you visit this wonderful old city? Well, the medieval street plan has been wonderfully preserved and as you meander through the city you will see ornate fountains, tall towers and old buildings. One popular attraction is the massive astronomical clock which has been around for a few centuries. You can explore mountains and lakes, enjoy time along the river bank or enjoy a cultural experience at the theatres or museums. You might even take a plunge in the river. Regardless of whom you are Bern's charming streets and friendly people will leave you relaxed and refreshed, ready to face the rest of the world again.


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