Cuisine in Switzerland

Taste the marvellous Switzerland cuisine

Swiss cuisine is often associated with fresh cheeses and chocolates but what makes Swiss cuisine so unique is that they use the freshest, natural ingredients. The most important staples in Switzerland include breads of all sorts, heavy cream, fresh milk, fresh cheese, butter, yoghurt, beans, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, sausages, veal, beef, pork, chicken and a variety of fresh fruits that generally include apples, grapes, pears, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. The different combinations of these ingredients produces fine Swiss meals that are delicious, healthy and very satisfying.

Some traditional Swiss dishes are Rostis (a popular potato dish), Birchermuesli (a breakfast cereal that often includes fruits and nuts), and bread rolls with cheese and jam.

A Swiss breakfast will usually include a selection of bread and rolls with jam and cheese or Birchermuesli that is enjoyed with fresh fruit and yoghurt. Lunch, that is known as "dinner" for the Swiss usually includes a bowl of soup and bread, or a sandwich that consists of some fresh cheeses and cold meats. Supper will generally consist of a selection of meat with a combination of fresh vegetables and rostis.

A Fondue is perhaps the best known Swiss dish. A fondue consists of a mixture of fresh local cheeses, which are melted together with other ingredients like garlic, pepper, white wine and Kirsch (a strong, flavorful, cherry liquor). This combination will be kept very hot on your table in a chaffing dish and is consumed using bits of bread dipped with long forks. A fondue can also be used for a dessert, they often consume warm melted Swiss chocolate with fresh bits of fruit.

Some popular Swiss drinks include apple juice, as well as apple ciders, tea and coffee and Ovomaltine (a very popular chocolate drink, can be consumed hot or cold). Because Swiss wine is not usually exported, they remain one of the country's best kept secrets! Swiss wines are generally very flavourful, particularly the Valais, the Ticino, the Canton of Zurich, the Vaud and the Riesling are commonly produced.


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