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Discover the exciting city of Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is well known for its profile in world events - such as being home to the United Nations European headquarters or to the International Committee of the Red Cross - yet this strangely humble city is nothing like you'd expect it to be. Instead of glistening skyscrapers and billions of people you'll find a relatively small and diverse population living in a city that is, for the most part, fairly old and full of character. With a continuous north wind to blow the pollution away, Geneva is also deemed to be the healthiest city in the world.

Centered around the point where the River Rhone departs from the Lake Geneva and flanked by both the Jura ridges and the Savoy Alps, Geneva sits on one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The cobbled Old Town can seem somewhat dull next to such bright surroundings, yet it had a lot of character. Most of the city has had overwhelming Gallic and French influence and this is largely reflected in its architectural style.

Of course, there are the uglier sides to Geneva such as the blank, dull facades of bank buildings which line the Southern bank of the Rhone, but these are quite easily glossed over as you shop at the Les Rues-Basses or you explore the enchanting Jardin Anglais lakeside. The Jet d'Eau spouts an impressive shoot of water into the air along the lakeshore while the Parc La Grange not too far away holds some 40 000 rose bushes which not only please the eye but give off a delightful scent for most of the year. And one only needs to glance over their shoulder to find the highest mountain in Europe, an impressive 4807 meters high, looming in the distance. Also of interest is Geneva's famous Flower Clock - a horticultural masterpiece. Museums, art galleries, theaters, cathedrals and expensive shops all add to the Geneva experience.

So whether you plan to relax in the exquisite parks and gardens or spend your hard earned money on some of the glittering shops, you can be sure that you will enjoy experiencing Geneva.


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