Travel to Lugano in Switzerland

Discover the beautiful lakes and parks of Lugano

Lugano - Ticino's largest city, located on Lake Lugano boasts modern living combined with the absolute beauty of the lake and surrounding parks as well as a fascinating historical heritage. All this plus a temperate, sunny climate will leave you in little doubt as to why Lugano is a popular holiday destination.

Evidence of the regions history has been revealed beside the Lake including artifacts of the Gaul and Etruscans along with the remnants of the Roman, Frankish and Lombard eras. In the Middle Ages, Lugano was ruled over by the Bishop of Como. This unfortunately resulted in Lugano's involvement in battles between Como and Milan. When the Confederates annexed Ticino the seat of the district governor came to be in Lugano. The town began to flourish when in 1882 the St. Gottahard railroad was opened.

Lugano has become recognized as the cultural hub of the area as special exhibits are held at the various museums scattered around the city. The city is culturally diverse with both Swiss and Italian influences.

There is much to see and do in Lugano. Why not join a historical excursion or explore the city yourself. Lugano's most renowned church is the the Cathedral of St. Lawrence located in the Old Town. The Cathedral was first designed in the Romanesque style. Later, in the 13th-14th century they decided to build on and then in the 17th and 18th century various alterations were made. Today you can view this magnificent cathedral's Renaissance facade and interior Baroque style. St. Mary of the Angels Church dates back to 1499-1515. An amazing fresco entitled "Passion" by Bernardino Luini can be examined in the church.

You will find the hive of activity in the three squares encircling the Town Hall energising. The Piazz della Reiforma contains the old Law Court which now houses the Cantonal Bank along with several lovely caf├ęs. Beside the lake is the Piazza Manzioni with its lush green gardens. The Debarcadero or dock is situated by the Palazzo Riva (1700s). Why not amble along the Lake Lugano promenade which features stunning sub-tropical gardens and various magnificent sculptures.

Why not plan your visit to Lugano during the first weekend of October when the Lugano Festival is scheduled. This annual festival began in 1931. The 3 days of the festival feature flower parades, traditional food and an abundance of entertainment.

Find out from your travel agent about a flight to Lugano Airport. Online you may be able to find a reasonably priced flight to Lugano. Consider car hire in Lugano as it is located on a main roadway which will provide you with easy access to surrounding areas. Lugano's hotels are known for their efficient service and comfortable atmosphere. Some people enjoy their visit so much that they have purchased real estate in Lugano.

Lugano is truly a diverse city with a small town feel, set in incomparably beautiful surroundings.


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