Travel to Montreux in Switzerland

Explore the medieval city centre of Montreux

Located on Lake Geneva's northern shore, Montreux has been inhabited since Roman times. During the 1100s the region played a large part in viticulture (the cultivation of grapes for wine). Several princes ruled over the area including the princes of Savoy. At the end of the 15th century Burgundian Wars, the Burnese annexed the region with no resistance. A Reformation took place. Montreux became a refuge for Huguenots who began businesses and set up workshops. Napoleon freed the district from Bernese rulership in 1798. During the 1800s Montreux became a leading tourist destination. Its luxury hotels drew the wealthy Europeans and Americans to the town.

Montreux continues to be a popular destination with so much to offer. The Montreux Jazz Festival is a world-renowned event held each year in July since its beginning in 1967. Jazz used to be the only genre played at the festival, however since the 1970s other styles of music have also been introduced. Vast crowds are attracted to this 2 week music festival where they have an awesome time.

Montreux is most notable for its association with the famous band Queen. Mountain Studios owned by David Richard (Queen's producer) is located in the city. Queen performed here in 1984 and at the Golden Rose Festival in 1986. Bryan May the guitarist played at the 2001 Montreux Jazz Festival. Queen's 1995 hit "A Winter's Tale" is based upon the city of Montreux and pictures of the city are seen in the music video. A statue of Freddie Mercury stands in the town square - Place du Marché.

Hotels in Montreux tend to be somewhat pricey. You can find some reasonable prices for Montreux's hotels online. Why not consider car hire in Montreux so that you can also explore some of the fascinating attractions and villages in the surrounding area. You can find out about car hire in Montreux through the tourist bureau or online.

Montreux is a city of beauty and excitement, a definite must on your list of places to go.


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