Travel to St. Moritz in Switzerland

Explore the beautiful valley of St. Moritz

Situated in the wildly beautiful Engadine Valley on the south side of the Alps, you will find the small town of St Moritz. To some this name may already be well known as the town has served as a popular winter retreat for social high-fliers, minor European royalty and many international jet-setters for over a century. Thus in amongst a wonderfully romantic setting of forest, lake and mountain you will find the glitz, glamor and sparkle that come with affluent lifestyles.

Perhaps one of the first things you will notice about St Moritz - besides it's stunning setting of course - is the high percentage of sunshine that the town receives. Every year it sees an average of 322 days of sparkling, cheerful sun - much more than many of Switzerland's other towns and cities. The next thing you may notice is that St Moritz is not just for the rich. The town is made up of two villages. St Moritz-Bad is situated on the lake and is the place to go if your pockets are not quite so deep while St Moritz-Dorf can be found on the hillside above it and is the upmarket side of town. St Moritz-Bad is not at all bad and is not only the site of a Roman spa but is also more down to earth for those who like to cut through the thrills and fuss of expensive holiday retreats.

Besides taking relaxing walks and enjoying idle banter over drinks at the nearest bar or pub, you will find that St Moritz has some great toboggan runs available. The legendary and death defying Cresta Run is 1.2 km long and open to men only. For something a little more sedate, there is the Preda-Berg√ľn toboggan run which makes for great fun. You will also be able to enjoy a number of scenic train rides through the area such as the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express and the Palm Express. For those on a budget, St Moritz hostels are a more affordable choice or you may even try the St Moritz campsite. St Moritz hotels are generally quite glitzy and expensive but are worth the money spent. Book your St Moritz skiing vacation now and enjoy the many benefits of St Moritz, Switzerland.


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