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One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Zurich can be found on the northern shore of Lake Zurich in the heart of Switzerland. While it has a strong 19th century charm, it also has all the modern amenities that a visitor could ever want. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland.

Generally speaking, the residents of Zurich speak Schwyzerd├╝tsch which is a form of German. They are a discreet and quiet people - until you get to know them better! When one considers that Zurich produces one-fifth of the nation' income, we might come to the conclusion that this highly industrialized city is boring and commercialized. Yet, Zurich is anything but that. Instead of turning ugly because of the numerous factories, Zurich has kept its initial appeal - old buildings and beautiful scenery. Instead of blackened skies, Zurich's air remains relatively untainted due to the use of electricity as a power source in all factories. Instead of being a place of stunted logic and dull minded factory workers, it has proven to be and still is a place of free thinking and creativity. The Dadaist school, founded here in 1916, is a testament to this. Zurich is also not an old-fashioned city. You can find entertainment and nightlife here to rival any other metropolis.

So what would you expect to do if you visited this fine city? Well, one you might find it pleasurable to walk the quays along the Limmat River and Lake Zurich. Or you might prefer to board a sailboat or motorboat and be whisked across the watery expanse of the lake. Perhaps you'd prefer to spend time mulling around the Old Town and exploring the time-honored buildings. There are two impressive cathedrals and many wonderful old streets that can be explored at your own pace. If you feel like getting a little air, you can enjoy one of the many park and gardens in the city.

Culturally speaking, you can get a good feel for the city by dining some of the many fine restaurants or enjoying some quiet time at some of the art galleries. If you like to get out into the great outdoors, you can venture to Uetliberg for an amazing picnic spot, or take in the wooded slopes of the Uetliberg and Zurichberg from under the tree canopy while enjoying a scenic walk. And when you've rested just about as much as you possibly can for one day, a night on the town will get your blood pumping and your foot tapping.


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