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Taiwan is situated on the western edge of the pacific ocean, just off the coast of the mainland China. This island is dotted with mountain peaks, some as high as 3000 meters. Taiwan is also home to Jade Mountain, Northeast Asia's highest mountain, which is nearly 4000 meters high.

Taiwan's climate allows one to enjoy just about anything, its climate types ranges from tropical, sub-tropical to temperate. This island habitats about 18,400 species of wildlife, with more than 20% of them belonging to rare or endangered species. Taiwan is the perfect place for just about any type of outdoor activity such as, fishing, swimming, bird watching, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, watersports, diving, snorkeling, etc. Taiwan is fun in capital letters and an awesome journey of natural discovery.

The cultural aspects are also not to be missed. The blending of Hakka, Taiwanese, and mainland Chinese cultures has produced a rich surplus of cultural and social color, with delicious cuisine and heart-warming friendliness.

Taipei is the capital and the political, economic, financial, and cultural center of Taiwan. Featuring high-rise buildings and prospering businesses, it is an international metropolis bursting with vitality. And off course if you are amongst those who like shopping, you can shop to your hearts content in Taipei as well as Taichung and, what's more, most goods are tax free there.

Kaohsiung is not only the second-largest city of Taiwan, but also the city that is of main strategic importance to Taiwan's industry. Today, it has become one of the Asia-Pacific region's most important commercial harbors, and one of the world's four largest container transportation ports. It also has world-class museums and five star restaurants to delight all types of tourists.


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