Travel to Chiayi in Taiwan

Discover the impressive Chiayi City

Situated in southwestern Taiwan, nearby the Tropic of Cancer is the impressive Chiayi city. Settled some 300 years ago, Chiayi city is entrenched in tradition and brimming with culture.

Chiayi County is divided into west and east. The western section is coastal and features stunning wetlands and mangrove swamps. In the east you will come across northeast Asia's highest mountain as well as beautiful valleys, interesting native villages and tea/coffee plantations. From natural splendors to charming villages, from temples and harbors to strong traditions, not much compares to Chiayi.

Chiayi's numerous historical sites provide tourists with great insight into this amazing city's past. Such historical attractions include the Beimen Station, City God Temple, Historical Materials Center and Yitu Tablet. One of the city's best known attractions is Chiayi Park. Established by the Japanese in the 1900s, the Chiayi Park's magnificence will astound you. Impressively designed with pavilions, hills, paths and fish ponds as well as thick with verdant vegetation, you will find it a calming environment. Also within the park is a martyrs' shrine, Confucius Temple, historical museum, playground, chess plaza, fountain, baseball field, old locomotive and some monuments. The Sheriah tower in a corner of Chiayi Park stands 62m high. From the top of the tower you can enjoy a stunning view of Chiayi City.

Encircled by hills and trees is the eye-catching Lake Lan. This is a fantastic leisure spot and a great outing for the whole family. Bird-watchers will be glued to their binoculars searching for the Lake's over 60 species. Lake Lan's beauty is enhanced by the attractive 50m high colored fountain.

Many visitors enjoy stopping by the Chiayi City Tourist Fish Market. Here you can purchase live fish and freshly caught eating fish as well as enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant. There is also a fascinating museum displaying fishing artifacts.

These are just a few of the attractions to the city. Visit Chiayi City and discover more about the Wind Music Festival, Kangping Athletic Park, Chiayi Distillery, Chiayi Fountain, Jhongle Road market and so much more.

From comfortable hostels to high-class hotels, Chiayi City offers accommodation to suit everyone. There are several cheap hotels in Taiwan's Chiayi that provide good service and suitable accommodation. You can find reviews of Chiayi's hotels online to help you decide where to stay. So why not visit your travel agent today and find out about a flight to Chiayi Airport. Better yet, book your flight to Chiayi online - it's quick and easy.

Chiayi City has an abundance to offer from quiet, relaxing natural areas to fun-filled entertainment, this is what vacations are about.


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